Master’s Applications


  • Phase 1: from 18 of December of 2023 to 15 of March of 2024
  • Phase 2: from 15 of April of 2024 to 14 de June of 2024



  • For the 1st and 2nd Semesters (courses): € 4,000
  • For the 3rd Semester (final Master’s paper): € 2,800


  • Application fee (non-refundable): € 150
  • Registration fee: € 100
  • Insurance: € 2

1. The following persons can apply to study for the degree:

a) Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Management, Economics, or Finance;

b) Holders of a 1st study cycle foreign higher education degree in Law, Management, Economics, or Finance, which is administered in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process by a country which has adopted this Process;

c) Holders of a foreign higher education degree in Law, Management, Economics, or Finance, that is recognised as satisfying the objectives of the Bachelor’s degree by the Scientific Boards of both FDUL and ISEG;

d) Exceptionally, holders of an academic, scientific, or professional curriculum that is recognised as attesting to the applicant’s capacity to study for the Master’s degree by the bodies mentioned in the previous subsection;

e) Exceptionally and in duly justified cases, holders of degrees other than those mentioned above, provided that they demonstrate sufficient scientific preparation to study for this degree, as evaluated by the Scientific Coordinators.

2.  Registration for the degree is subject to the successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree by the planned start date of the degree’s lecture timetable..

Documentation for applications

a) Motivation letter in English (one page);
b) Curriculum vitae;
c) Two recommendation letters;
d) English proficiency certificate (if you have one);
e) Citizen’s card or identity card1, or passport in the case of foreign students;
f) Passport-sized photo;
g) Certificate of completion of a Bachelor’s degree, containing the final grade average and a list of subjects, or, if you have not yet finished your degree, a certificate listing the subjects you have passed and the grades for each;
h) Certificate of completion of a Master’s degree, containing the final grade and a list of subjects (if applicable);
i) Certificate of completion of postgraduate courses (if applicable);
j) Link to the website of the publisher, journal, or review where you have published books or scientific papers (if applicable). This information may be included in the curriculum vitae.
(1) Subject to your authorisation, uploading of this file onto the FenixEdu application portal is optional.


  • Copies of all the documents referred to in paragraph g) above must be duly certified.
  • Any documents referred to in paragraph g) above that are issued abroad must be legalised by the Portuguese Consulate in the country where the degree was obtained, or apostilled under the terms of the Hague Convention. In the light of the current exceptional situation caused by COVID-19, these documents may be accepted without the mentioned legalisation, provided that they are accompanied by an oath of honour by the applicant that the document contains only truthful and accurate information.
  • If the applicant is granted a place and subsequently enrols on the course, the originals or certified copies of all documents submitted via the Applications Portal must be handed in to the Academic Division of FDUL, or sent by post, by 15 October of the respective academic year.
  • Failure to submit the documents or information referred to in (d) and (e) above means these will not be considered in the process of ranking candidates.

The submission of academic documents containing false information is punishable by law.

All applications must be submitted via the FenixEdu application platform, which can be accessed at this link.

Watch this short video of how to apply via the FenixEdu platform:

If you have any doubts regarding the submission of an application, do not hesitate to contact the Academic Division of FDUL by e-mail (, or via our online customer services chat on Facebook, on working days from 10:00 to 13:00.


  • Applications will only be analysed after the application fee has been paid.
  • FDUL’s Academic Division will contact all candidates via e-mail, regardless of whether their application contains any irregularity, or has been correctly submitted.
  • Once the ranking process has been completed, all applicants will be sent an e-mail with the final result of their application.
  • The ranking list will subsequently be published on the Master’s webpage.
  • In the case of admission, registration is subject to presentation to the Academic Division of all the originals (or certified copies) of the documents submitted via the application platform, by 15th of October of the respective academic year.
  • Once the application is approved, each student will automatically receive an institutional email (, and this will be the official channel for receiving notifications about the Master’s. The student will be able to access this email through UL’s Webmail [insert link/instructions for the platform] or by configuring receipt on other platforms, such as Gmail.